Out Of Business

by Crocs & Dockers

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released December 8, 2012



all rights reserved


The Business Fairy Blairstown, New Jersey

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Track Name: Coffeehouse
Let me write a song to play in coffee houses and in bars
My music doesn't get a good reaction from the kids expecting covers of Pearl Jam
I'm sorry kids that it has to be like this
It's not my fault you've got shit taste in music, is it?
So don't blame me when you hear me screaming
About slabs of meat with penis' in them

I don't know what to do
I've got nothing left for you to hear
That you will think is cool
Maybe I'm a fool for thinking
This might be something you'd be into

The bar scene really isn't my thing
It's just a bunch of old drunk people wishing I wouldn't sing
And I hate to be the bearer of bad news
Nothing productive is coming out of drinking all that booze
So clap, clap, clap, clap when my set is done
Anticipate the next set being better than the last one
Track Name: I'm Sorry
I'm sorry for calling you a bitch and a slut
Piece of shit, cunt, whore because I've found the one
That takes the cake for all of them
It's too bad I didn't meet her earlier
It would have made things easier
And probably a little less painful

But we can't go back in time
No matter how hard I try
I can't find the words to ease my mind
I'm sorry, forgive me, the same old lines

So now that we are over and done
She takes the cake but you're still a cunt
And I hope you endure a terrible death
I would say this to your face
But when I'm around you my anxiety makes me shake
And honestly, you're not worth the discomfort

But you probably know, that's a lie
And I'll always leave on a light
For when you decide on your own
To bring that bitch, slut, piece of shit, cunt whore ass on home
Track Name: Response
The only thing I'll ever regret is smoking that pot/hash mix
Because my eyes and ears got fucked after that
Now I cant fucking see or hear anything, bitch
Quite the contrary, I hear and see everything, shit
And no, that wasn't my voice you heard over the phone receiver either
But don't worry, I'll find this idiot whoever he is
Then I'll beat him to death and we'll see who's mean then
And you can continue fucking Jeep Wrangler, Shayne
I was referring to the driver not the car itself, jesus
I'm not that fucked up in the head so please just
Leave me alone while I'm trying to catch some Z's but
Not before I put a hurtin' on this deserving girl I got here 'cause
I know she wants it and she knows I want to give it to her
Because bad ideas are always good before they happen at first
But then afterwards it's the worst thing to ever occur
Inside your head but then it happens again and again

So leave me alone while I pick up then destroy
Everything I've worked for
Goodbye until next time, whore

I fuck with feelings, you fuck with heads
OMG! LOL! There's two references there
I guess I'm not the only one on the path of destruction
Regardless of intention
Motherfuck these fucking feelings, it's a fucking disaster
Feelings are in the head, you fuck heads better than I can
I should take lessons, it's a blessing in disguise
I hope you weren't expecting too much from me, guys
Track Name: Morning Jog
Are you going for your morning jog?
You're not going for your morning jog?
Why aren't you going for your morning jog?
You have to go on your morning jog!

Because jogging is good for you.
Especially at the rate in which you eat food.
Burn off those calories.
Or you could always become anorexic like me.