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by The Business Fairy

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This was my first release!


released May 19, 2007



all rights reserved


The Business Fairy Blairstown, New Jersey

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Track Name: Morning Jog
Are you going for your morning jog?
You're not going for your morning jog?
Why aren't you going for your morning jog?
You have to go on your morning jog!

Because jogging is good for you.
Especially at the rate in which you eat food.
Burn off those calories.
Or you could always become anorexic like me.
Track Name: First In A Long Line
If I killed myself
Would anyone care?
I'd blow off my face
And leave nothing to spare.
My hair you can have
You don't need it when you're dead.
Say goodbye to my eyes, my smile
And the rest of my head.

While the world's being destroyed
I'll be at the fiery pit.
Awaiting acceptance
From the Mighty Satan.
He'll be overjoyed
From my great success.
Pat my shoulder, shake my hand,
Where's your bathroom?
I need to take a piss.

I want to be first in line.
I'm going to be first in line.
I'm going to kill myself and be first on line
When the world goes to hell.

They say I shouldn't end my life
But it's too late, I'm not changing my mind.
It's all planned out, I'm going to die
So I can be first in hell's long line.
Track Name: Satan's Car
I went down to hell
And I met with Satan
And I told him about my friend
Who had an interest
In a certain type
Of automobile
That he would have to get
If he wanted to get with her.

So me and Satan went
Out to the dealership
To pick out his new car.
We hadn't gotten far
Before we found
What we were looking for.
A brand new, loaded
Chrysler 300c.
With heated seats
And the most intense sound system
You've ever seen.
With a navigation system
It was so obscene.

That's why Satan drives a Chrysler 300c.

As we got close
She stood in awe
Of the beautiful machine
That we had just bought.
We parked the car
And we got out.
I introduced them
And they made out.

Just for you.
Thanks to me.
Track Name: New Talent
I have no recollection of anything
I don't remember anything.
I just want to get the hell out of here.
Because I'm doing fine.

I found my new talent.
But it turns a little sour if not at 70mph.
I can break glass with my face.
With only 13 stitches as to say congratulations.

Just know, just know that I'm not bragging.
Just know, just know that I am better than you.

So now with my new talent,
I'll be breaking more windows than little kids with baseballs
I'll be breaking shit with my face.
With absolutely no time for breaks, I'll be busy breaking shit...
With my face, wouldn't that be great?

It was such a happy story.
With such a happy ending.
Too bad it couldn't be a bit longer.
But all things come to an end.

I found my new talent.
It turns a bit sour.
Break glass with my face.
Only received 13 stitches.
So now with my new talent.
Better than kids with baseballs.
Breaking shit with my face.
Isn't it great?
Track Name: House Painted Car
House painted white
Car painted red
I'd rather be dead
Some things are better left unsaid

We live and die by time

By the way, what is the time?
We live and die by time
By the way, I killed your dog
That loud ass, motherfucking, barking dog
Barking dog
Barking dog
"And when the cops came through
Me and Dre stood next to a burnt down house
With a can full of gas
And a hand full of matches
And still no one found out."

I think I died this time

By the way, how did I die?
I know I died.
I'm standing right next to your dog
That loud ass, motherfucking, barking dog
Barking dog
Barking dog

My house isn't white
My car isn't red
I remember everything you said
Why do you this to me?
Why don't you just go away?
I don't want you here anymore
I can no longer call you friend
For the things that you put me through.

Don't think this is about you.
This isn't about any one of us.
It's just another filler to put on my new album.
Track Name: Finally
I'm cleaning up
Once and for all
I'm not living this life anymore

Got to get my act together
Forget what I think about anything
That doesn't pertain to me
Get rid of everything that I don't need

The feelings I have
Aren't just going to go away

So I'll get some medication
To forget everything I don't need
To remember someone out there loves me
The rest of you can bleed eternally

I'm not doing this anymore
I'm done. It's over.
Don't think I'm kidding
'Cause I'm not
I'm going away
Going to find me a place
Where I can be happy
Track Name: Slab of Meat
You're just a slab of meat
For him to stick his penis in.

There's really no reason for you two to be together, I know.
And you may disagree but I know something you don't know.
There's something about him that he doesn't want you to know, so
Let me unlock the doors and open up to reveal his true show.
But then again, you're the same way, which makes you no better than him.
So both of you can burn in hell for being so damn ignorant.
And while you burn in hell, you'll look back to see what it all meant.
And you'll realize it was just for a slab of meat to stick a penis in.
Track Name: Carpet Is Expensive
I spilled coffee on my carpet
No one to clean it before it stains
What in the world am I to do?
I guess I could just get a new one
But I really don't have the money
I'll go rob a financial institution

It didn't have to be this way
It could've been completely avoided
I wish it hadn't been this way
Because now I've got an urge I can't restrain

So I go out and buy a gun
A ski mask and accessories
Some new clothes
And everything else that will be needed to pull off the job
I pull up in front of the bank
Pull out my gun and run inside
Nobody move, nobody get shot
Not one word, or else you're going to bleed a lot

It didn't have to be this way
It could've been completely avoided
I wish it hadn't been this way
Because now I'm officially a bank thief

So I grab the cash
And I haul ass outside
Where police are waiting patiently, they gun me down
Who'd ever think this would be the end of me?
So as I bleed out on the pavement
They ask me why I did it
And this was my answer

I spilt my goddamn coffee
On my goddamn carpet
And didn't have the money to buy a new one
Track Name: I Don't Need This Insecurity
I'm insecure enough without your shoves.
The excitement got to me, I'm thinking it's too much.
Rolling over backwards thinking that I'm in love.
With someone or something, I must be losing touch...

I don't even know you.
I don't even know who you are.

Something I was going to mention.
But I decided against it.

I think I was a little forward when I thought you weren't who you said you were.
But you gave me no other choice but to think the things I thought.
I really didn't want to think those things because I thought you were special in your own way.
Because you were special to me.
But you were special to someone else
But you cared about the way I felt
Which lead me to become confused
Which further lead me to think I was being used
For something other than what I intended
to happen between me and you.

You just thought I wouldn't mind
That you were someone else's for some time
Whether or not it was two weeks
I don't care, I don't give a... really can't do that to me.
You really can't do that to me.

But that's all over, we're doing fine
I am yours and you are mine.
And that's the way it's going to be for the rest of our lives.
Track Name: Parking Lot
I don't know what I'm doing
I don't know why I'm alone
I don't know why I'm sitting in this parking lot by myself
I don't know where i'm heading
Trying to forget where I've been
Don't want to remember all that depressing shit

And I don't want to go away from here
I want to stay here with you
Because when everything comes crashing down
I'd really like for you to be around

I know right where I fucked up
I know exactly what went wrong
I already know how this shit is going to end.
Track Name: Watch Me Die (cover)
the demon inside me told me to kill him sublimely
but the poison and pills did nothing but blind me
so to you my best friend i guess this is the end
i hope this helps you cuz you never fuckin helped me
but i bleed and i bleed screaming for you to read
that note in yer dresser but the blood may have made it messier
i'm glad that i'm done , my final moments in the sun
but its just as dark to me as the demon inside of me

i'm dying away my bodies turned grey,
and i hope im long gone by the end of the day
but i've been waiting too long my stomaches been shot,
the gun lays beside this fuckin pile of rot
i had fun while it lasted the blood and disaster
the gun and the blade my own game of charades
freeze frame the impact of the bullet and throat choking,
maybe you'll believe me now when i said i wasn't joking

and when yer so alone, and silence is all you know
there's no light at the end of the road,
so fuck you all and to the god that you pray
i've wished for hell every fuckin day
the misery grew as my body decayed
i prayed to satan for this shit to end
another funeral for you to attend

the demon's voice drove me here
i couldnít laugh, i couldn't tear
though ecstatic i was fuckin scared
but i was lookin forward to this fuckin day
here it is in its final thought
its more beautiful than you all'd have thought
sicken yer minds and don't blink an eye
cuz yer all just here to watch me die