The Devil Is In The Details

by The Business Fairy

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released April 16, 2012

Guitar, vocals, piano by Keith Haynes.
Electric guitar & mandolin by Tyler Bisson.
Recorded & mixed by Tyler Bisson.



all rights reserved


The Business Fairy Blairstown, New Jersey

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Track Name: Duh, Man
With the sunshine on my face,
I cannot complain about the things that are driving me insane
There are too many things in my way
One too many things circling around in my brain
And I find myself dismayed just trying to make it through the day
These things I say, I won't complain, I can't get myself straight
Too much pressure from temptation with no means of escape
For goodness sakes, I need to find release from this place
If I don't, it's something I'll regret
And I couldn't live with that
So I need to make amends
Need to straighten up my act
Before I get caught off guard and fall flat
I don't want that

But I guess that's just the way it is
I can't believe this is the way we live
He turns around to me and says, "duh, man, ain't it obvious?"
Apparently I've been a bit oblivious to what i see
This puzzle's just a few pieces short of being complete
I've got it stuck in my head but I can't help but dread
That I won't understand what all this means once it ends
And I'd rather live forever than take any chance
Of not comprehending what it means in the end
What will everything mean when it ends?

As the light fades away, slowly turning to gray
Recollecting the events of the day, I lose the strength to motivate
Need something new to stimulate my brain
Because I still can't seem to get my story straight
Nothing's what it seems, what is this supposed to mean?
I can't relate, but I know I need to get it straight
Looking back on my past wondering how I've lasted as long as I have
Can I get back on track or will this train turn into a god-awful wreck
Before I get the prospect of a life I never had

Just then death appears on my doorstep but I have no chance to react
Before he looks at me and says, "you're next."
I laugh and say, "duh, man, what'd you think I'd expect?"
I don't suspect you're just paying me a visit, we're not old friends
Nor will we ever be, but I think you're just what I need
I still don't believe and can't realize what this all means
But I think I've found my release, how long until we can leave?
Track Name: My Own
Mistakes I make always seem to come back to haunt me
I never get a break from these decisions
That have crippled my past but alas I keep coming back
With ridiculous thoughts, "maybe this time it will work out"
Except not, I've accepted the fact I'm wrong more times than not
I agree, I believe it's time for me to move on

I had an epiphany but it didn't seem to phase me
I just blew it off like steam coming up out of a manhole
Sending the lid crashing down, crushing somebody's skull
My own

On occasion, I will save myself the frustration
Of confrontation, just walk away and leave it alone
And you know that's always how it goes
Until I decide there's no way I'm backing down this time
Like every other time and by the end of the night
I'm already regretting calling my mind my own
I think it's time for me to go

I won't deny, it might take about 100 pounds of cast iron
To get it through my head
But at that point, I'd be dead, enough said
So whatever's been said, we'll have to stick to metaphorically speaking
Unless one day I find my brain plastered to the sidewalk,
I'll never change
Track Name: This One's On Me
I never used to believe in mental disorders
But this anxiety has got me cornered
I'm getting loaded just to cope, pour it right down my throat
Pass out on the floor, then wake up for some more
It's the same routine day in, day out
Wake up, pass out, have a drink to get my mind off things
These fucking problems can swim
Keeping their heads above the surface, making it impossible to focus
And drown these sorrows, never to be heard from again
My initial intention, my plan's been foiled goddammit all
I swear this is my last call, I'll quit, start over
And be reborn into a better person

This one's on me
After this I have to pay my tab and leave
I've had enough of this scenery
I find it hard to breath
It seems I'm drowning myself rather than my worries
This one's on me
Don't believe what you see is the true me
I've kept you in the dark to hide my grief
So when I step out into the light
Be prepared for anything that you might see

I have to say, if I had my way
I'd been dead and buried in my grave that same day
Because here I am trying to prove a point
That's been long forgotten, it's no longer valid
I'd give up everything just to say I have nothing left to lose
Now what am I supposed to do, I've got nothing left to lose
No substances to effectively abuse to get my mind of you

Now this one's on you
It probably is, if it's too good to be true
And you have failed to pull through
Comparing lies to truth
Both can be hard to identify and be easily confused
So this one's on you
To forget that the next one's on me
And when you hear me say this, you better believe
I don't know why but I'm hypnotized by the look in your eyes
And I've apologized but you see
This one's on me
Track Name: The Ones I Love
Why are the people I love the hardest people to love
The ones I just want to shove into an oven and run
Out of the building and watch it burn down to the foundation and once
It's done and the ashes settle, knock back a few Samuel Adams
Invite a couple friends over and have them pick up some Grolsch
Upon arrival, burn those suckers alive, they'll never know what hit 'em
And once the waning flames finally come to their end
Collect the remains and disperse them over the Atlantic Ocean

Instead of slaughtering 'em, I'm cuddling up
Instead of drinking their blood
I'm diving into the depths, the point of no return
Will I learn before the next person gets hurt
Before I get the words, "crazy, piece of shit, asshole"
Carved or burned into my skin, to myself I think,
"Man, don't let this happen again"
But here I am, despite what I thought or said
Though you can't save me from myself, the ones I love, I thank

I'm not giving up, it's not over just yet
And you can bet I'll be back with a vengeance
Against myself, break myself down
Build myself back up, repeat until I quit fucking around
Once I get it right, I'll apologize to all the ones I love
Then start the cycle over again, tell 'em all to fuck off
So baby, come on, come on, fuck off
Track Name: Black Kettle
Pot calling the weed green
It's like the pot calling the kettle black
Except the terms we speak regard leaves
The enticing scent of sulfur stimulates the senses
The peasants in the streets can't come to an agreement
But decisions are left up to the king
Is that the right thing to say, you know
With political correctness these days
Alcoholism is my form of optimism
But it seems pessimism is overbearing
So come on, sit down and share with me

If we cared about ourselves the way we expect our friends to
We wouldn't let ourselves build friendships that are doomed to fail
But we do it anyway
And then we have the audacity to sit and complain
About all the things we put ourselves through
Expecting others to care, expecting someone to do
Something about it but no attempt will resolve
Any issue until we correct the wrongs in the way we handle
Our everyday conduct

I've wasted so much time on the things that mean the least to me
It's time to shape up or ship out, I won't be dragged down
But every time I catch my breath, these murky waters get the best of me
Resistance seems so futile now
And I know I've got a long ways to go before this predicament reaches an end
And I can begin to improve my odds of making it out alive
So I can be happy for once
Track Name: Untitled6
I have an unloaded gun pointed at your face
Pop in the magazine, let off a clip of blanks
It's time for a change, live ammunition
And bang, your brain has sustained
A high velocity impact, and smash
Smack, crackle and pop, you're gone
And now I've got a body to dispose of

I just wanted to say that I miss you
I just want to tell you that I miss you

We sit at my house, play video games
You're high as a kite, do you remember my name
I'm sorry, my dear, my patience ran thin
There's no turning back
And now you've been abducted into sin

I just want to tell you that I miss you
I just wanted to say that I miss you
I don't remember that last time I kissed you
But that has no bearing on how much I miss you

Life, in itself, is a practical joke
It sits back to relax and continues to provoke
All we are is just flesh and bone
But what we are left to endure far surpasses what we are here for

I just wanted to say that I miss you
I just wanted to tell you that I miss you
It's been quite awhile since I've seen you
Oh, that's right. You're in denial and I know you miss me too